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Are any photos impossible to restore?

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What about copyrights?

Are my photos insured during this process?

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What about copyrights? cannot be held responsible for any copyright violations. When you submit an image, you are certifying that you are the copyright owner or you have the copyright owner's express permission to use, alter, and distribute the image. If your image has a copyright symbol, it is your responsibility to obtain a release waiver signed by the copyright holder allowing the original to be reproduced. Your release waiver must accompany any copyrighted original you send to for restoration or reproduction.

Are my photos insured during this process?

Upon arrival at our studio, all photos are insured for loss, theft or damage.

We insure your return shipment for up to $100. If you would like higher coverage, please indicate this on your order form.

Do you do work for businesses and institutions?

Yes. We provide cost-effective service to graphic artists, photographers, filmmakers, publishers, image archives, historical societies and museums. And, we can help you meet the demanding deadlines common in these industries.