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How do I send my photos?

You can send your photos to us in a variety of ways.

The easiest and most cost-effective way is to upload your scanned file to our site. There is a 5MB upload limit per photo. Specific instructions appear on our QUOTES page.

You can also send us a CD containing your scan, or the original photo, through the mail. If you use the mail, here are some suggestions for packing your photos.

Place your pictures between sturdy cardboard sheets (cut slightly larger than the image) and tape the edges of the cardboard. If you're sending more than one photo, place a sheet of white paper between each photo. Enclose the taped cardboard in a sealed plastic bag, to protect it during shipping.

Before mailing your photos go to the QUOTES page and fill out a quote request. When you receive your email confirmation, print it out and include a copy with your photos. It will contain all your order information.

On the outside of your package, please write: PHOTOS--DO NOT BEND.

Address your package to:
20 Glen Ave.
San Rafael, CA

Please send your photos via; U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail, Federal Express or UPS. Use their envelopes or packaging, if you can. Specify full insurance coverage for your parcels.